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Acerola Cherry Powder Multiple benefits

2023-04-06 10:18:50

Coniferous cherry powder is a kind of fallen leaves prepared from coniferous cherry tree, which has a wide range of health care functions. Its main components are polyphenols, flavonoids, tannic acid, alkaloids and other compounds, which is suitable for a variety of adjuvant therapy schemes, such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, hepatitis, anemia, prostatic hyperplasia and so on.

As a natural health food, acerola cherry powder has the following benefits:

Enhance immune function: coniferous cherry powder contains rich polyphenols and flavonoids, which can enhance the body's immune function and improve the body's resistance to disease.

Lowering blood lipid and blood pressure: The bioactive substances rich in acerola cherry powder can effectively reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride, and also reduce blood pressure, which has a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on cardiovascular diseases.


Antioxidant and anti-aging: The polyphenols and flavonoids contained in acerola cherry powder are natural antioxidants, which can remove free radicals in the body, delay cell aging, and keep the body healthy.

Improve liver function: Acerola cherry powder contains rich nutrients, which can promote the regeneration and repair of liver cells, improve liver function, and help to prevent and treat hepatitis and other diseases.

Anti-inflammatory and detumescence: Flavonoids contained in coniferous cherry powder have good anti-inflammatory and detumescence effect, suitable for the adjuvant therapy of arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases.

Regulating gastrointestinal function: Ingredients such as rutin and aloe vera contained in acerola powder can improve the intestinal environment, promote intestinal peristalsis, and eliminate discomfort symptoms such as constipation and bloating.

Increase blood iron content: Tannin contained in acerola cherry powder can increase blood iron content, which is helpful for the prevention and treatment of anemia and other diseases.

In addition to the above effects, acerola cherry powder also has the functions of promoting blood circulation, increasing muscle strength, anti-fatigue and so on. It can be used to strengthen the body, relieve body fatigue and improve body quality.

The preparation method of coniferous cherry powder is relatively simple. Generally, the fallen leaves of coniferous cherry tree are dried and then made into powder after grinding and screening. In use, you can add the right amount of coniferous cherry powder to warm water, milk, soymilk and other drinks, can also be added to porridge, noodles, pastries and other foods together to eat, fragrance, taste unique.

It should be noted that although coniferous cherry powder is a natural health product, it can not be consumed in excess, and the recommended intake is not more than 10 grams per day. For some special groups such as pregnant women, infants, hypertension patients, etc., it is recommended to eat under the guidance of doctors.

In short, acerola cherry powder is a kind of natural health products, with a wide range of health effects, plays an important role in the adjuvant treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases, is currently one of the highly respected health care products.


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