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Preparation method and nutritional value of Shuangpi milk

2023-04-06 10:18:41

Shuangpi milk is a combination of southern and northern cultures, popular with the majority of consumers of traditional food. It is made of milk as the main raw material, with a small amount of sugar and fruit, and then through strict process processing, the production of export sense of lubrication and exquisite, sweet but not greasy delicious. Many restaurants in Guangdong, Fujian and Shanghai serve this kind of food, becoming one of the representatives of local cuisine.

The history of Shuangpi milk dates back to the Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, when cooking dishes such as soup, paste and porridge, chefs in the royal kitchens often boiled milk into concentrated milk crust first, and then made another layer of "skin" with part of glutinous rice flour or starch such as taro, and finally mixed it into desserts. This was the initial prototype of double skin milk. Later, as people's tastes continue to pursue changes, restaurants around the double skin milk plus with the matching fruit ingredients, such as mango, strawberry, so as to make it more colorful.

The special thing about double skin milk is its taste. Its "double skin" refers to the milk surface and the two layers under the milk, the milk surface belongs to the thin skin, while the milk is the thicker thick skin. In the process of production, the milk is first heated at high temperature to make it solidify and form milk skin; Then the thick part of the milk with flour, sugar, water and so on stir evenly, and then mixed with milk skin, finally form the unique taste of double skin milk.

The production of double skin milk seems simple, but it requires rigorous technology and patient waiting. Making double skin milk, first of all, we need to choose high quality milk, and heat it to about 85~95℃, so that the surface of the formation of milk skin; Then stir the milk evenly, put it into a pulp grinder to grind into a fine milk, mix with a little sugar and flour and set aside; Then pour the milk wrapper into the mold and place it for a period of time to finalize; At the end, pour the milk into the mold, mix with the milk skin, and then cook, you can make the export sense of smooth, sweet taste of double skin milk.


Shuangpi milk is rich in nutrients, including protein, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrient elements. However, due to the addition of a certain amount of sugar and oil, so intake should be moderate, excessive consumption may increase the body heat surplus. At the same time, the storage period of double skin milk should not be too long, and z should be eaten within 24 hours after production to ensure the freshness of food.

As a traditional food, Shuangpi milk not only has distinct regional characteristics, but also is a kind of food with deep cultural connotation. In recent years, double skin milk has been constantly innovating. In addition to traditional flavors and combinations, there are also some new varieties of double skin milk, such as kumquat Double skin milk, mung bean double skin milk, etc., which gives diners a new taste buds experience.

All in all, double skin milk is a delicious and nutritious traditional dessert, whether it is made at home or tasted in the hotel restaurant, it is a kind of food that is hard to refuse. In the coming days, I believe that double skin milk will continue to have new innovation and development, its delicious degree will continue to improve, become one of more people's favorite.


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